There are a few clubs in fishing in which the avid and experienced angler yearns to be a part of. 200lb tarpon, 10lb bass, 50in muskie to name a few. Well, after catching, more chasing, snook my entire life from Costa Rica, Belize on up to Mexico and the states I finally joined the esteemed 40 inch snook club on fair evening in mid August. The snook bite has greatly improved this year after the freeze of 2010, it is still nowhere close to what it used to be but is rapidly improving. This snook, a female, is very important in our ecosystem in the 10,000 islands area as we all know how devastating the freeze was. I was throwing a 9inch bomber plug down the shoreline and the big mama just swallowed it like it was candy. She was too big to get her whole body out of the water but her head shakes were thunderous! Book a charter with The TrophyStalkers Guide Service and lets see if you can join the club!