We headed out to the Rockies for our annual tail water run. This year brought on challenges we had not faced before, high flows.

I was able to hook a nice 30 inch brown in a deep pool, and after about 5 minutes, it decided that it was time to put on a fight. It used the current to its advantage and took off downstream. Within seconds I was into my backing and running through the rapids downstream. A local, Paul, was able to join me, as my net was a few hundred yards upstream strapped to the back of Jeff.

We chased the fish through the rapids, deciding whether a river runs through it moment was worth it. I didn’t end up jumping in. I was able to get the fly line back on to my reel, but the fish was still 60 to 70 feet downstream, in a deep pool. I had come to a point where the only way to get down to the pool was to go back up 200 yards to cross, or climb up and over a cliff. I handed my rod to Paul and headed up the side of the mountain. After I got back down to the river, I grabbed my fly line and told Paul to throw my GLX/Evolution combo into the rapids. He paused, questioning my idea, but decided to go with it. It worked out perfect, the rod came down to me, and the chase was back on. Now 300 yards downstream from the hook up, I was finally getting to the last 10 feet of my fly line, and could see my leader. The line was tight, but I am saddened to say, the monster brown had outsmarted me, and wrapped my line around a rock

It was a disappointment to not have a great story ending with the fish in the net, but a great chase to say the least. I look forward to finding it next year, when it’s 32!

Locating fish was the hardest part of the trip, but we were able to come up with a few decent fish. 23 and 24 inches topped out our trip for the big fish.