Overall, I’d say this year’s spring trip was one of the toughest we’ve had in a while.  The flows were WAY up and even the “cookie cutter” 20-21 inchers were taking us downriver in the current.  I managed to lose a handful of really nice mid-20 inch fish in the current.  I even upsized to 5x tippet and tried 4x for one afternoon (Still pretty unsuccessfully, despite the higher flows and food in the river).  The fish did overall seem to be feeding a little better, with the “blind” indicator fishing really picking up.  Overall though, we had to work really hard for the big fish.  We had one really good four hour period, with a 25, 28, and close to 30 inch fish caught, plus a couple of other low 20 inch fish.  The largest fish was one that we had been scouting for a couple of days and I had hooked up with and fought for 10 minutes earlier in the week.  It had taken me a good 200 yards downriver, and after nearly netting her, scaling a cliff side, and crossing the river in pretty heavy current; we had lost her in some rapids.  It felt pretty good to locate her again, get her to eat, and finally get her in the net.  Ryan also landed his personal best trout, with 21, 23, and 25 inch rainbows.  Overall, the four hours really made the trip worth it after a long hard week of fishing.