This past Saturday, I awoke to the sound of pouring rain on the roof top, and a voicemail inviting me to go fishing.  For most people, the sound of rain means a lazy day inside.  For those of us who have spent the money on rain gear, don’t let a little water get in our way of catching fish.

We headed out for a first time experience.  Carp on the fly.

Now is the perfect time in MN to be looking for carp in the shallows, and site fishing is as good as it gets.  I would never think that targeting carp would be so exciting.  It is almost like targeting fish on a saltwater flat, I had never experienced freshwater fish swimming in a daisy chain.  The first group we found had about 4 fish, circling around and ever so often, you could see their mouths come up to the surface.  With all the rain, it was tough to see if they were taking bugs off the surface.  I decided to try my luck with a bead head sz 6 Bumble Bee Copper John, with 2 sets of legs.

It took about 5 casts, and to my surprise the game was on.  I could not believe the fight that these fish have.  Targeting carp with a fly rod, is now joining my long list of fish I target.  I strongly suggest giving it a try yourself.