An Excelsior man found what equates to gold for deer hunters; The biggest antlers ever found in the state of Minnesota.

Jay Miller of Excelsior holds the biggest shed antlers ever found in Minnesota. Photo courtesy of Sam Cook and the Duluth News Tribune.

Jay Miller found the 12 point antlers February 9 and 10 near Excelsior.

“I was watching that deer for a month,” said Miller.  He said he first saw the buck with one of it’s antlers missing and decided it was time to go looking. He eventually found both sets.

Deer typically shed their antlers in January or early February and then spend the rest of the year growing new ones.   Deer hunters measure antlers by their total inches, and these measured just over 175 inches. That does not include a measurement for the inside spread, the distance between antlers as they sit atop a deer’s head.

Not only are they the biggest antlers ever in Minnesota they are the 6th biggest pair ever found in the world.   What is also extraordinary about the find is that the antlers are nearly perfectly symmetrical.