Our April trip out to the Rocky Mountains produced some monster fish again this year.  We focused on fishing the tailwaters, as run-off had already kicked in by mid-April.  The tailwaters were low, making the fishing pretty tough, but we were able to get into some really nice fish. It took a couple of days to develop patterns on the larger fish’s movements, and on day three we landed some huge fish.  The morning produced four fish between 27 and 28 inches and was one of our best days ever fly fishing.  The key was to locate fish in heavier moving water, as it gave them less time to look over the fly.   The fish were also pretty scattered throughout the river, so finding fish that were less pressured was also key.  We fished most of our big fish spots and were unable to locate any fish that were for sure “30’s”, so we’ll have to wait until next year to put the next 30 incher in the net.  Overall, it was great trip.  We met up with some great friends (Fly Fish Addiction), we were able to fish five different rivers, and got to enjoys fishing in some of the prettiest places in the country.  Keep an eye out for the upcoming video, the footage will blow you away!