After word of a good rain on the Lake Michigan Shoreline, We headed out east to go after some Milwaukee Chrome for 2 days of fly fishing. We started of the first day at 4:30 AM on a small creek hoping to avoid the crowds, but found our strategy to have partially failed. We found a few steelhead, but it was mostly suckers that we were hooking. We relocated to do some combat fishing in the afternoon, but found ourselves in one of the hottest feeding sessions I have ever been apart of. Between the four of us, we were hooking steelhead about every 5 minutes, for about an hour. With the flows being high, we landed about 1 in 3 using 8wts. Had we been the only ones there, we also would have had some room to play fish. Orange was the color of choice.

The following day, we returned to the hot spot to find the fish absent. One thing that is crazy about steelhead is how far they can move in one day, and be stacked in a hole in the evening, and then be completely absent the next morning. We decided to move back to the creek, as water temp had gone up and hopes of new fish entering from the lake. We found ourselves with 3 hrs of excellent sight fishing, with all of us hooking some nice pigs. Red headed egg sucking leeches were the choice of food for the day. It would have been nice to have hit that location up in the morning, but it ended up being a great trip. Check out this Steelhead Gallery from this trip.